Monday 11 September


Hosting Author

Morven-May MacCallum




Monday 11 September

7.00 pm


At the shop        Free Entry      Refreshments


94 High Street NAIRN



Morven-May MacCallum is a young girl from the beautiful and sunny Highlands of Scotland.

In 2009 Morven-May was preparing for a new adventure, in a new city, when she was (rather against her will) enrolled in the university of life where she perfected the skill of being chronically ill with Lyme disease. Although graduation (AKA recovery) is like trying to find the end of a rainbow, Morven-May decided to share what a life with Lyme is really like through her characters Joyce, Aunt Beth and Logan.  Her book is called ‘Finding Joy’.

Morven-May is passionate about creative writing and she is eager to help raise awareness about Lyme disease. She is available to do talks, interviews and book signings at schools, festivals, universities etc. So please feel free to get in touch through this link  Whether it’s a business engagement or if you just fancy sending her your thoughts on her novel – Morven-May will be delighted to hear from you!


‘Finding Joy’ is compelling and beautifully written, providing a telling insight into what it is like to live with Lyme disease which is a highly misunderstood illness.” – Natasha Metcalf, Lyme Disease UK