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Various genres written by authors in and around Nairn

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And A Good Judge Too

New paperback published 2008 (reprinted 2013) Author John Rose-Miller

£7.99 *

Monumental Inscriptions Cawdor

New paperback published 2014 by Fishertown Press.

£7.00 *

Nairn in old Picture Postcards

New hardback published 1987 (2003 reprint) by European Library. Author David M Ellen

£12.00 *

Nairn Speldings

New paperback published by Nairn Fishertown Museum. Author Margaret Bochel

£10.00 *

Nairn Through Time

New paperback published 2014 by Amberley Publishing. Author Alan Barron

£14.99 *

Old Nairn Volume 2

New paperback published by Alan Barron 2008

£11.00 *

Old Nairn

New paperback published 1999 by Stenlake. Author Alan Barron

£11.95 *

Pride In The Pedigree

New paperback published 2001 by Gopher (now Librario).  author Ian Nalder

£15.00 *

Seamans Victoria Hall

New paperback published 1987 by Nairn Fishertown Museum. Author Margaret Bochel

£10.00 *

The Fishertown of Nairn

New paperback published 2009 by author Alan Barron

£8.99 *

The Nairn Fishertown Walk

New paperback booklet published 2006 by Alan Barron and Rosemary Giles

£5.00 *

The Witch of Auldearn

New paperback published 2007 by The Nairn Bookshop. Author John Lawson

£10.00 *

War Memorials of Nairnshire - Ardclach and Auldearn

New paperback published 2008 by The Nairn Bookshop. Author Stuart Farrell

£10.00 *

Just Another Mountain : A Memoir of Hope

by Douglas, Sarah Jane

£9.99 *

The Body Under the Sands

by Andrew, James
Fiction & related items

£7.99 *

No Lying Quiet


£8.99 *

The Suitcase Murderer

PB Fiction published 2020 by The Book Folks.  Author James Andrew

£6.99 / unit(s) *

Culloden Tales

PB Non Fiction published 2016 by Penguin.  Author Hugh G. Allison

£9.99 / unit(s) *

Nairn Men of Their Times

PB Non Fiction.  Author Irene Mackintosh

£7.50 / unit(s) *
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