The Incredible TRuth About Motherhood

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Motherhood is the world's most demanding-and rewarding-job. It's a calling that comes with incredible highs and inconceivable lows. How to capture the essence of joys and challenges inherent in parenting in a way that's guaranteed to leave your audience smiling through their tears? Leave it to the one and only Bradley Trevor Greive-that's just what he did in the perennial New York Times best-seller, The Incredible Truth About Mothers. Of course, an actual distillation of motherhood's most memorable moments would be pretty messy, and let's face it, wouldn't fit in a gift box. However, by simply enjoying the special miniature edition of The Incredible Truth About Mothers, along with the two premium quality plush polar bears whose likenesses are so prominently featured on the book's cover, Greive's fans can celebrate every second of motherhood (and indeed any incident that involved heartfelt communication). And the best part? The plush baby bear is a finger puppet!

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