The Hitler File: The Essential Facts

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Adolf Hitler may be one of the most infamous men of the twentieth century, and the legacy of his terrible crimes will live for centuries, but what do we really know about him, beyond the scale of his atrocities? Too many biographies are long and daunting, but "The Hitler File" is easily accessible and covers the life and actions of Hitler from birth right through to his death in 1945. What drove Hitler and his megalomania, and what brought about his, and Nazi Germany's eventual downfall? At once fascinating, objective and encompassing many subjects, Patrick Delaforce's latest book roots out things that you never knew about the multi-faceted dictator, including: Hitler's Olympic rivalry with the British; The young Hitler as church acolyte and choirboy; School reports and teacher's opinions; Hitler's art phase; and, Hitler's relationship with Eva Braun, the 'bird in a gilded cage'.

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